4.8+ SecuROM WITH Emulation

I’ve searched all over for the thread that had the way to copy a 4.8+ SecuROM disc with Emulation using Daemon Tools but the link in the thread for “without emulation” doesn’t exist anymore. For some reason that guide that tells you how to do it without emulation didn’t work for me. Link or a tutorial would be helpful.

Hi Opiuman and welcome to the forums,

SecuROM 4.8x doesnt need to have emulation. There is a method called Twinpeaks, which creates twin sectors creating a working backup copy.

Using CloneCD, this is possible. Make the image with CloneCD, leave it in native format (.ccd) and then patch with twinpeaks. Once patched, burn with CloneCD.

This should be result in a working backup copy. If the copy will not install then create a normal cd with nero and use that to INSTALL but not to play.

If you have a Plextor Premium and Blindwrite 5 installed, then use that with no special settings. Just click go. Though you may need to use BlindwriteTweaker for it.

Good luck,

if you want it WITH emulation:
just make an image using the correct profile in alcohol, so the dpm-info will be read…
than you should be able to mount this image with d-tools…
that’s it… :wink:
btw, blindwrite should also work…

many threads here in the alcohol / blindwrite forum discuss these methods…