4.5GB max on 4.7GB blank DVD?



I have an NEC 2500A burner, and use Nero to burn CDz/DVDs.

The media I use (4x TDK 1-4x) is supposed to be 4.7GB capacity, but whenever I try and use Nero, it sets the red line (max capacity) at 4.5GB.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?




It´s all about bits and bytes… :wink:

Wanna know more…google!

BTW, theoreticly you can only write about ~4,46GB to your DVD´s.



actually, it’s 4.38gb. read more about it here.


Ah, I knew they did this with HDDs, but I had no idea the bastards would do this with blank DVD-Rs. Wasn’t there a case of some HDD manufacturers being sued for ‘false advertising’?

Thanks though :slight_smile:



it is false advertising imho.

CDR’s on the other hand that say 650 or 700mb are 654 or 702ish mb (actually)

I once saw an add for some dvdr’s that said “over 7 times the capacity of a cdr!!” i sooo wanted to catch them on that /chuckle (6x650 is 4.55gb which is more than 4.38gb)

Unfortunately there are only 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary… and those that dont (im sure some people will get this joke)

Those that dont understand binary just cant fathom the base 2 number system and why its 1024 instead of 1000.