4-5 TB desktop external hard disk

Does anybody know if there are any plans or announcements for desktop external hard disks in the 4-5 TB range? All that is available now are in the 2TB range max (Lacie bigger disk etc.). My interest lies in external not network disks (portability is an issue). I have seen network systems in the 4-5 TB range, but this is not what I am looking for.

I think by 2012 there will be single 5TB HDD’s. Did you check out the offerings over at Newegg

Slim pickings…
I am now using Lacie Bigger Disks. Compared to the offerings at Newegg, my 2-ton heavy Lacies are staff of fairy tales. I imagined there would be drive bays with a USB 2.0 interface. As long as you put 4 1TB disks, there you go. But it’s JBOD with no internal management and poor connectivity. Lacie Bigger Disks offer Firewire 400/800 as well as USB 2.0. And they are fast.
Thanks for the info, but I was looking more at an integrated solution (WD My Book is another solution).