4:3 video editing


I’ve used TMPGEnc to convert a 16:9 mpg to a 4:3 mpg. When played on
a 4:3 TV this now fills the screen. But it has not cropped the sides of the movie before converting to 4:3 so everying is too narrow. Does anyone know how to take a 4:3 mpg and crop the sides and then stretch the image to a normal size?


Cut & Re-encode or just use the remote control on your tv. :wink:

Are you saying that I can chop the sides of the 16:9 mpg without
adding black bar’s on either side thereby stretching the horizontal
(without stretching the vertical). Save and then encode as 4:3.

Can you suggest a editor to do this with (preferably free or an evaluation version)


I would try this guide:

Its about 4:3 to 16:9 but the opposite should work too.

OK thanks - I’ll give it a go