4:3 Home movies on 16x9 TVs? How?

Hello. I am new to all this, so bear with me…I did a search on this huge forum, and could not find what I was looking for.

Is there any way to burn 4:3 home movies so they will display properly on 16x9 TVs? In other words, I am looking for either black or grey bars on either side of image so my home movies retain its aspect ratio. I am using Nero 7. Please let me know if I need to provide any other info. Thanks in advance.

You should be able to change the aspect ratio from within the tv’s menu. Most tvs have that because manufacturers know most sources are still 4:3.

Welcome to the forum. It is possible to recode the video in such a way that it resizes to 16:9, but since your original video was 4:3, it would be quite horrible to watch.
I think TMPGenc can do this by adding bars to it.

I tried this with a program once but can’t remember what it was called because I only used it once them trashed it, the results were horrible. :Z

Just edit and burn the movie using it’s 4x3 natural format and do not mind about where it will be used.
Displaying it on TV is up to your DVD player/TV set - you just need to use the menus if autodetect doesn’t do the job.
Myself, I don’t have problem using 16x9 films on my 4x3 TVs or 4x3 in my only one 16x9 display, so I believe this is still a standard feature for any of those devices.

Thanks for the replies. I have 2 older TVs that will always remain 16X9 without the option to display 4:3. The Zoom, Stretch, Expand features won’t work on the HDMI input, which my DVD player uses. If I use s-video, then I can see standard 4:3 video.

So it appears if I want to watch 4:3 stuff on my TVs, to use the s-video connection, thats not so bad. Thanks again.

Sorry, but it seems a bit strange that “older” TVs don’t play using 4:3 format and have HDMI inputs…
Anyway, s-video will not compromise a DVD quality signal that much if something at all.