> 4.3 g

I read that we should try to burn the data so that it’s < 4.3 G. I wonder if this applies to DVD Movie only. Or does it apply to MP3 or computer data ? Thanks.

If you use quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim you should not have a problem > 4.3G

Some members here overburn discs.

But DVD burners cabable of overburning are very rare (i think only the DW1640/50/55 BenQs can do that)

yeah and some Plextor’s.

But if I don’t have these DVD media, then does the > 4.3 G still applies to MP3 and computer data ?

If there is a problem, would the data verification be able spot it ? Or is it a latent problem that would crop up much later ?

Thanks again.

If you burn a disc and scan it for quality and have a lot of errors at the end of the disc then yes try 4.3.

It applies to anything. data,video,etc…

The reason some discs have trouble is the end of the disc is where you are hitting the fastest speed on the newer 16X discs. Like if you burn a 16X disc at 20X. Or an 8X disc at 12X etc…

Just scan one of your discs and see if it errors at the end of a full disc burn.