4:3 Format?

I do not see a second title with 4:3 FS, but some have 2 WS 165:9. I know there is a way to put both formats together so same stream will play either. Is there anyway to extract the 4:3 FS or make main movie play FS. AS I age I am more willing to Sacrifice the WS in my living room for the comfort of my bed when watching movies. Have an older TV mounted on the wall there and WS does not show much of the picture. If there is another program that can be used to aid in this process please PM me the name. I have too much respect for Fengtao & Ting for another program being posted in this section.


rawr a pox on people who use 4:3 :disagree:

You loose about 45 percent of the picture using Pan and Scan and the image is also re-shot and blown-up to fill the screen ie it is grainy, unfocused, re-directed junk.

Letterbox shows more picture, in fact the entire picture, no matter the screen size or shape han Pan and Scan ever will.

Other than using the features of your TV/monitor or DVD player or in the case of a PC your video card’s under/overscan settings you mean.

Perhaps purchasing Pan and Scan versions instead of Letterbox?

Better question why watch a DVD on such a poor display media in the first place? You would be far better off using VHS.

I just don’t understand people sometimes.

Yes yes off topic. :cop:

4:3 format should be outlawed.

Hey Mack. I have seen a few titles where the 4:3 was encoded as a different angle, (2) as I recall, but that setup is unusual. Mostly flippers with WS on one side and 4:3 on the other. The TV on my desk has a 5" CRT so I watch some like that as well and don’t think it should be outlawed:disagree: , but 4:3 titles are getting hard to find. Faked 4:3 using a “zoom” function is really bad, it just crops the WS picture with no panning or scanning. You really do wind up missing content.:frowning: Sorry not more help; don’t know of a good answer that wouldn’t involve more trouble or money than it would be worth. If you’ve got a WS/4:3 flipper you could merge them and burn to DL, have both on one disc.

Well the problem is my health and hard to sit up as much as my younger days. Moving my best TV to the bedroom is out of the question. It might fit but there are stairs and lot of medical equipment to work around in the bedroom. I would gladly give up all movies an TV to be able to sleep without tubes hooked to me, but since that is not an option I will settle for less quality.