4:3 & 16:9 on same DVD?

I am having a problem with Ulead Workshop 2. I have video shot on a Sony HC1000 camera, some of which is in 4:3 and some in 16:9. I will be playing back on a 4:3 TV set and want the 16:9 to remain with the black borders top & bottom of the picture. On the Workshop DVD I have 2 titles the 4:3 footage in the first and the 16:9 in the second. My problem is after burning the 16:9 footage is blown up to fill the screen. On the output display the ‘to be played back on 4:3 TV’ option is greyed out, only the widescreen option is open. Why? :confused:

It’s probably the software - it doesn’t seem to like mixing the two formats, even if you record them as seperate items/chapters on your DVD.

I use Nero for things like this, because although it’s slow, it’s also extremely reliable.

I create a new project, import the video files (which it will import in the file’s original format, 16:9 happily sits alongside 4:3 as long as they’re not joined together).

I then specify the output format of the DVD, in your case 4:3 and burn.

It also allows you to choose things like dolby 5.1 or 2.1, the sample rate (quality of the video), the resolution (progressive or standard), and the TV format (ntsc or pal - so yes, it will convert european pal movies to ntsc).

For $80 it’s pretty comprehensive and produces the best results I’ve ever had, considering I’m strictly an amateur.

It also makes good backups of commercial movies (provided you have DVD decryption software running, e.g. AnyDVD from slysoft.com)…

I used to have Ulead software, but found it too limiting - they’ve probably improved it no end by now ofcourse, but back then Windows Movie Maker gave me better results and was far easier to use.

Obviously not everyone can afford new software, but you could download a demo version, so you could at least see if it works for you, and get a few of your projects done before the license expires.

What res have both contents (16/9 and 4/3)?

I’ve used Nero Vision Express to create a DVD with videos with different aspect ratios - no problems at all.

Yup, this prog must be the limitation here.

Even Ifoedit would help.

I use TMPG Enc DVD Author and this can be done quite easily.

The way I would go about this problem would be to put the different ratios on different ‘tracks’

I’m not sure what the technical names for them would be. But pretty much on each track all the video must be in the same ratio and you can have different tracks having different ratios.

I’ve tried workshop 2 and it definately won’t mix the 4:3 and 16:9 on the same disc.
I will try Sonic 6 Deluxe suite.
I would of thought that the workshop would be able to detect the aspect ratio of the original recordings and burn accordingly.
More surprising is an output option but for some reason it’s greyed out.