4.25 GB max onto a DVD-R?



I don’t seem to be able to burn more than 4.25GB of data onto a DVD-R using nerocmd.exe.

The DVD is blank and rated for 4.7GB, so what’s the catch?

I’m using the following options:
–write --real --drivename d
–underrun_prot --iso “test”
–verify --close_session


The catch here is the difference in the definition of GB that DVD-R manufacturers use and the definition of GB that Windows and Nero use. A “4.7GB” DVD-R actually holds 4.7 billion bytes, which is equivalent to 4.38GiB (GB as defined by Windows and Nero). What’s more, nerocmd.exe favors burn reliability over maximum capacity by burning slightly less than even the 4.38GiB maximum real capacity - about 4.25GiB. If you try to burn “4.7GB” (4.7GiB) on that disk, you won’t be able to because 4.7GiB actually equals more than 5GB (or 5.046 billion bytes)!


Ach Jaa!
Thankyou, thankyouverymuch.