4.2 Gb?

Sorry I have a lot of questions…

My DVD-R media seems to be only 4.2 something GB. It’s the Apple brand media. It seems that the suggested size here is 4.4 GB. Is there something wrong here?


This is often a bit confusing, because a DVDR is not 4.7gb.
The confusion comes in because the manufacturers label them in kilos i.e. 4700,000,000 bytes.
To get a true conversion you have to divide by 1024 to get kilobytes (4589843) then by 1024 again to get megabytes (4482) and then by 1024 again to get gigabytes (4.37).

So, no … you’re disks are fine, it’s just terminology.

When Erwin(Dvd20ne) recommends 4400, he is talking megabytes and as you can see, this leaves 82megabytes free, as a safeguard.

Hope that makes sense m8 :wink:

So if he suggests 4400, what do I put in the size field? If I choose 4400, it is too big to burn.

errrrm … would you believe … 4400 :wink:

That will do fine. You could go higher, but as Erwin has posted before, this allows a little spare space at the outer edges of the disk, where some media has problems.