4.065 Beta "Copy Main Movie" = BSOD!

I’m still having major challenges with DVDFab Platinum to rip DVD’s to my hard drive!

I decided to try “Copy Main Movie” first, rather than rip directly to WMV, which always stops working after the 8th Chapter or so . . .

Now I am getting a “Blue Screen Of Death” BSOD on Vista in the middle of the 4th VOB file!!

This is ridiculous!!!

Fengtao or Ting- can you help???

I’m running Vista Home Premium on an AMD dual core 5000+ processor with 2GB RAM, a 320GB Hard Drive on a dedicated HTPC machine


hey orrinc,

welcome to DVDFab — i’m just user of DVDFab but you may have seen there’s a new bete version out V you might want to give this a try to see if it solves your issue.

I’ve been using Fab for a while now and normally each new bersion and beta are very stable (imho) but I too had some probs with (on XP) — have just downloaded the new beta and this seems better.