beta problem

FYI (Probably could of posted this in beta thread but wasn’t sure if it would get noticed)

Tried to rip Bourne Ultimatum and 28 Weeks Later (RC4) with, both movies had read errors around 50-60% repeatably.

I sent the IFO for BU thinking that it was a protection.

I tried the movies again with and no problems, so this would seem to indicate something introduced in beta


…or the drive just had a hard time reading it on the run with 4051


[QUOTE=blutach;1978548]…or the drive just had a hard time reading it on the run with 4051[/QUOTE]

Possible, but seems unlikely that two different movies would give the same behavior (both failed with 4051 near same point, both worked with 4050). Maybe it was a bad install with 4051. I’ve only copied a couple of things with 4051, but had no problems.

No, it doesn’t. That % is outer disc, layer 1, where the drive needs to refocus. I’m saying that it’s a possibility that the drive is going west, that’s all.


Possible, but in this instance, as with BitSmasher, I would think unlikely. Drive is Plextor 760SA less than 12 months old.

Would think it more likely to be a program thing or drive compatibility issue, maybe similar to that introduced in an earlier release

/Shrug works atm and I cant buy saw 4 yet …


Since you say that works, I assume you rolled back to that version. If you haven’t already done so, you might try uninstalling and do a clean install of Or if you don’t have anything to backup that needs the newer version, you may just choose to wait for the next release.

i’ve backed up both these movies no problem. =platinum

also remember to make sure the disc that your backing up has no scratches = back it up as soon as you get it, then put it away for safe keeping.

also try previous version of dvdfab?

your drive is maybe going to toilet!

i hate not knowing why a backup doesn’t work= i feel for you mate!