3x NEC 3500 writers installed in a system - Adding a 3520A as mainly a reader?

I have 3 NEC 3500AG burners set up in a system. The source drive is a Liteon 16x DVD-Rom.

Recently I have been noticing the DVD-Rom is struggling to read certain discs and ends up chucking out read errors.

Now I ordered a load of NEC 3520 writers the other day and was considering replacing the DVD-ROm with one of these purely as a source disc reader…Is this a good idea and what firmware will be best on this drive (Original or hacked)


3520s are slow readers. If you wanted something purely for reading I would suggest something like the Aopen 1634

26.99 @ newegg.

Ditto w/ yellwmonky. But since you already ordered it, uhhh…

What are you using to run the 4 ?

I Agree:iagree::iagree::iagree:

How are your write speeds with the multiple 3500’s? I’ve burned 2 discs
at a time in Nero 6 using my 3500 & my BenQ but my write speed really falls
off. I’m running XP sp2, P4 3.06 HT, with a Gig of ram. The drives are both
masters on seperate ide with my hard drives on a Promise sata controller. The discs burn ok but I just don’t see the advantage.

on single layer media the nec is damn fast a true 16x reader. slower on DL media but if you are duplicating SL discs no worries