3tb Hitachi hard drive, $129.99

Newegg slamming the competition with a 3tb monster drive for $129.99 and f/s too! This is in addition to a 2tb drive I’ve seen for $65 after $10 rebate.


Can 4tb hard drives be far off (more than 6 months)? I doubt it…
Samsung demo’d a 1tb in a single platter drive, so 4 or 5 platter 4tb drives are probably in the end stage design beta/debugging pool.

Gee thanks one day says… seagate 3tb (EXTERNAL) for same price $129.99…



$20 off w/ promo code EMCKFKE35, ends 4/11

I feel it in my gut these will be $99 (or less) by black friday, but feel free to purchase today!