3rd Party PCI IDE Controller (Not RAID)?

Hi! Guys!

I am thinking of buying a 3rd party PCI IDE Controller for plugging in all the IDE devices I have.

Are there any compatibility problems with a PCI IDE Controller ???

My MOBO is an ASUS CUSL2-C (i815ep).

I want to plug in:

  1. Lite-On 48x (going to buy shortly)

  2. Seagate 20 GB UDMA/100 HDD

  3. Seagate 10 GB UDMA/66 HDD

  4. Acer 52x CD-ROM Drive UDMA/33

  5. LG 52x CD-ROM Drive PIO-4

  6. Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM (going to buy) OR 8x Burner PIO-4

I run Win XP & Win ME.

Also what will be the Best config to plug in all the 6 IDE devices ?

Thanx to all in advance.

P.S. It will be my first time to use a PCI IDE Controller. No past experience.

Always put 2 cdroms together, don’t put a cdrom and hard drive on the same channel. And if you make on the fly copies, have the reader and your new lite-on on different channels. I think you might have to take out that PIO device if it brings down the whole channel…

A lossless configuration would be:

PCI Card:

Primary Master: 2. Seagate 20 GB UDMA/100 HDD

Secondary Master : 3. Seagate 10 GB UDMA/66 HDD

(Or the opposite, depending on which is your primary drive)

Onboard Controller:

Primary Master: LiteOn 48x

Primary Slave: LG 52x or 8x PIO burner

(Explanation: Those are MWDMA-2, for sure, and 16.6 MB/s, as long as it’s a DMA mode, won’t really make a difference, seeing as 48x=7MB/s.)

Secondary Master: LiteOn 16X DVD (if bought)

Secondary Slave: Acer 52X

(Explanation: Here UDMA-33 makes a difference, since 16X DVD > 16.6MB/s.)

Then again, if you buy a PCI IDE that’s compatible with optical devices, there’s a better choice: (Promise controller cards have problems with optical devices for sure, others might have, some don’t)

PCI card:

Primary Master: Main HD

Primary Slave: Secondary HD

Secondary Master: LG 52x

Secondary Slave (optional): PIO Burner

Onboard IDE:

Primary Master: LiteOn 48x

Secondary Master (Optional): LiteOn DVD

Secondary Slave: Acer 52x

This is even better, as all devices are at their max.

How many independent IDE channels will the PCI card provide?

1 or 2 i.e. How many IDE devices can I attach to the card - 2 or 4?

Also, what kind of compatibility problems will crop in?

Do I have to drop the idea of a PCI IDE Controller card?

Nobody on the forum uses a PCI IDE Controller ???
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50+ views.

Does anybody have a 3rd party IDE PCI Controller ???

Any suggestions please !!! :bow:

Hi there darshanjog. In the past, I looked for a PCI ide controller. Finally I bought one, but to my surprise, the shop sold me a RAID controller. I kept it because it could do the job. I would recommend you a Centos solution, they have cards with up to six ide channels, ideal for your the large amount of drives you plan to connect. But there may be a problem. You should remember that a standard PCI port has a theorical bandwith of only 133 MB/s, and due to the high number of devices you want to plug, you may cause a bottleneck. I think you should keep at least two drives in the mobo.

Well, you must have read how many IDE devices I have above.

Only 1 or 2 IDE devices will be attached to the PCI IDE Controller.

What problems can there be other than the Bottleneck you mentioned?

You shouldn’t have any other problem apart from the one mentioned above. I suppose, there can be compatibility issues with the atapi devices, but in a standard controller I don’t think this is very common

I’ve used a Promise Ultra 66 controller, which proved NOT GOOD when working with my ATAPI devices. I’ve flashed it to a FastTrak 66 RAID controller and put only HDs on it. All my ATAPI devices are being handled by the motherboard’s controller, with the two faster ones of being on different cables.

Works fine.
You may not even reach 133MB/sec because of PCI bus implementations (eg. via chipsets are notorious for bad pci performance).


Well will there be any problem if I put all my ATAPI Optical Devices like CD-ROM, burner, etc on the Motherboard IDE controller & the Harddisks on the PCI IDE Controller ??

This is what I did and what most ppl do. Although the mobo controller is sometimes more appropriate,a disk controller is used so the ATAPI devices have full access to available bandwidth (and the HD not being disrupted from the ATAPI devices).

Used my CDRW#1 as pri master
DVDROM as pri slave
CDRW#2 as sec master
HDD on FastTrak66 primary channel
HDD bay on FastTrak66 secondary channel

And I’m very happy recording with both CDRWs at 48x while surfing the web :slight_smile:

Originally posted by darshanjog
Well will there be any problem if I put all my ATAPI Optical Devices like CD-ROM, burner, etc on the Motherboard IDE controller & the Harddisks on the PCI IDE Controller ??

No…but you have to install the drivers of your pci card 1st on your os,before you swap your harddisks(except for XP)…otherwise your C: drive possibly doesn’t boot after being connected to your ide pci card…
Place your ide pci card,install the drivers,shutdown your system and swap drives…It will boot fine…

Thanks for the info.

I will be using Windows XP on HDD & Win ME on the other.

Which IDE PCI Controller capable of UDMA/100 (Not Raid) do you all recomend ???

What to do if I want to Freshly install Windows ME or 98 on HDD connected to the PCI card?

Whats the procedure ?

Also, I hope while Installing Windows XP, it will detect the PCI IDE Card & install it automatically.

Promise is the best but does not work with CD Rom & CDRW, DVD.
IWILL sidePro66 also works well with ATAPI Devices.
I use the Zoltrix ata100 controller )CMD chipset) on three systems (Intel 815ep chipsets) and have not had any problems in 18 months.
Windows ME & 98 :>> follow the installation instructions to the letter.
Windows XP: >> Install automatically, no driver needed.

So you say Zoltrix is best for HDD & CD-RW/CD-ROM and no compatibility probs with ASUS CUSL2-C i815ep mobo.

Don’t know about Asus but I have been using it on Gigabyte 6oxet & 6oxt for more that a year and have not had a problem. The same chipset as the Asus Intel 815ep, should be ok.

Is that right that you dont need any drivers for the
promise ultra100 tx2 control card when using win XP?

I’m using this control card just now with win ME
and have 2 hard drives connected to it,but was
wanting to dual boot ME with XP and the manual
for the controller doesn’t mention anything about
XP drivers(it covers 95 onwards but no XP) :confused:

This would make me think that no drivers are needed
but would like info from anybody who is using this card
with XP,just to be on the safe side :slight_smile: