3rd likely reason for declining music sales: The music itself!

I just posted the article 3rd likely reason for declining music sales: The music itself!.

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there is a third likely reason why music sales are declining. While the music industry may think that file sharing and CD piracy…

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“I find that most consumers aged from the 20s and up prefer the 80’s and older.” This reminds me of a story; I was recently holed up on the computer listening to some music. My 72 year old father-in-law came in and said "Wow who is that? That’s beautiful!’ I said it is the Beatles singing “Because” From the look of shock on his face I think I coulda knocked him over with a feather. :X
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Great recordings of the 70’s and even recordings of the 80’s that featured great melody, musicianship and great production, would make people value their vinyl copy of a record, because they sounded better than tapes and people wanted the best quality of the music that time stamped who you were and where you were when that record came out. Only a handfull of todays music can provide that experience, and these records are still selling millions. "bootlegging"and file sharing has NOT affect their sales. If a album had 12 hit songs in one package, then people will want the best reproduction of this as possible. Take a album like rumors or thriller, these albums still outsell most new releases today! Artist need to stop being scared of artistic expression, even if it doesnt add up to a 300k advance (which then becomes a debt the artist end up losing their soul trying to recover). If you make great music, nothing can stop that, and if your great music is on a standard pressed audio CD, then people will buy that!

As an older person I’m not really interested in downloading music. Lot of its rap and gospel type music. I prefer 70’s 80’s type music. At least I can hear the words to the music. I go to the mall a lot and I dont see many people buying music.

music quality the cause for declining sales???..obviously there someone who didn’t know this… I think we all agree that the 70’s - 80’s was the time of the better music, good to see a lot of the old bands re-emerging (some never died…beatles, stones) I guess they saw a great gaping chasm that needed filling…music is the only true international language and should be shared…er… just don’t put me through another 27 minutes of “Inna Gadda Da Veda”…:X

also a factor is their continued insistence on pushing rap, r&b, and hip-hop at us even though their own figures don’t support its popularity - according to the .pdf i got from the riaa website, rock music accounts for 24.7 percent of all music SOLD, while rap& r&b combined only add up to slightly more than that, and “pop” only accounts for 9% of their record sales. maybe, just maybe, the reason they can’t sell music now is because they can’t read the charts on their own **** website.

What a real shocker :o This I would have thought would have been the #1 reason :B

Xenodox - Did you mean F*****G website?! Anyway, I loved Unchained Melody - as a song - it has become a timeless classic. The rhythm is good and words are sound. And if it’s done by the Righteous Brothers it even sound better. I have nothing personally against Gareth Gates, but the boy can’t sing for shit! I tried to support younger artists - but once I have heard the original by the Righteous Brothers - to resing a timeless classic like Unchained Melody - Gareth has to do better…and different. Just an example y the current music industry is failing…

finally, an article that i can agree with. i totally agree that the no-talent hacks, and talentless hip hop losers are a big reason music isnt selling. who in their right mind would pay for total crap? talent will always survive… just ask U2, the doors, or pink floyd… these bands are still huge sellers, as is jimi hendrix, stevie ray vaughn… this pop bullshit has GOT TO GO!

Same here, can’t stand todays music. Love ABBA as well, this is music, I agree.

In the 80s and earlier, in order to get a recording contract, you had to be able to play and sing, and you had to be GOOD at it. Today’s music is mostly junk. Rap sux. A lot of the nu-metal bands can barely play their instruments, and the vocals sound like someone in elementary school. Then there’s the boy band and Britney schlock. No wonder people aren’t buying the stuff. The record companies will sign anyone just to make a buck.

I definitely agree with you Tremo :d Maybe someday when new artists come by that have properly learned to sing and play good backing music, the other artists will realise what the consumers really want to hear. :wink:

besides, all these apes rap about is what they own anyway… has anyone seen that ugly motherfucker called Baby… mouth full of metal, and plenty of bling bling,… too bad that ape has no musical talent whatsoever…

To hear how good electronic music CAN sound. Get a copy of ‘True to Form’ by ‘Hybrid’. It’s recently been released and mixes some live elements and a good vocal. If you love it you are on your way to becoming a new Hybrid fan :slight_smile:

Just think about it… When your 40 are you going to pop in a classic 50 Cent album? Probably not, the thing is these singles come out they stay on the charts for 2 weeks then the artist fades out of the public eye. The songs have no lasting effect on anyone, they lack feeling and talent. They get thrown into the forgotten mush like the rest of them only to be replaced by the next no talent rapper. Who incidentally like every other rapper pimps bit**es, rides on 24’s, has crazy mad bling bling and partys everyday. Yeah definitely real life…stupid. Long live real talent. JonnyPho :r

The RIAA can’t be wrong…it must be all of us evil fileswappers that are decreasing the CD sales :d Are these clowns ever going to crawl out of the caves they live in and realize that we are sick and tired of pay over $17 for 1 or 2 good songs. Tell them the music sucks, and hit them where it hurts. Boycott the RIAA, and don’t buy any CD’s. Support you favorite entertainers by going to concerts, and buying shirts, hats posters, etc… Stop giving money to those greedy scumbags. :X

hybrid is pretty good… or you could check out the trancemaster armin van buuren himself, or edgar v

Let’s get one thing straight. Rap is not music. Rap is noise. My tastes are similar to the author’s. Queen, Billy Joel, Elton John, ABBA, maybe some Aerosmith. I think music is associated with quality of culture. And I think that the quality of our culture right now is at an all time low.