3Rd Burner

I currently have 2 Benq burners in my computer. I also have a Lite-on 812S external burner, can I hook up the external with the other two?


ive not actually done this myself but dont see why not. it can be done but there are some variables to be determined if your computer will support it. do you have three optical drive bays? do you have an open ide channel? you can purchase an ide to pci card if you need to.

If what you are asking is, can I add an additional external burner no matter how many drives are internal, you can up to the limit of the drive letters available. I have had a dozen at once. Otherwise, it can be used internally in place of another drive, however, the 812S is well past its prime and was never that good a drive to begin with. It was my first Liteon. I would spend the extra $30 and get any of the vastly superior drives on the market today.