3pk Verbatim 2.4x DVD+DL $2.12 shipped

This is another Shop4tech.com deal. Add A 3 pack of these to your cart, and use a “new” google checkout account to checkout. Apply code FM10 at checkout. Get the $10 off discount for “new” google checkout accounts. There you go, verbs for ~70 cents a disc.

You can repeat the process, just be careful not to use the same cc# over and over. More details can be found in other threads and on the slickdeals.net forum.

What about just using different email addys? :slight_smile:

works great
hint virtual CC cardswork great

Tried, it don’t work for me anyway

did you try a diff CC#?

Going to do that soon, usually I only use MY one card for MY disc needs lol

This calls for desperate measures :wink:

As i see it
every member of a family should have a google account
the wife, kids, pet poodle, goldfish and favorite rock

Just kidding

virtual CC cards? At the risk of sounding like and idiot…what is this?

Here is just one example, you just put on $25 or whatever you want, use it up and then cut it up…

MasterCard Gift and General Purpose Prepaid cards are quick and easy to use, safer than cash and more flexible than gift certificates and single merchant gift cards. These cards are accepted at any of the millions of merchant locations that accept debit MasterCard cards around the world—both on—and offline!


for some reason I do not think you really need to purchase any more discs; your stash has to be enormous. :slight_smile:

haha I am in need of DL for testing :wink: I did get 7 packs :wink:

They are grerat and free

These virtual credit cards (vcc) are actually tied into your regular credit card
Basically you go tour credit card website ie for me citibank and discover both do this
and download a small cc generator
you start the program and log into it as you would log into your cc website and it can generate as many cc #'s as you want all tied in to you web site/credit card
all the #'s are unique and different and usually have a 30-60 day exoiration date
I always use them and don’t have to worry about cc theft from insecure websites
I cancel the #'s once my item ships

I strongly urge all members to use vcc when shopping online
Hope that helps

so you finally got it to work
(x7) :bigsmile:

yeah but isnt there a fee to get a prepaid giftcard?

go to your CC website and see if they offer a vcc generator.
If they do it is free
Gift cards may cost money and have residual unused money left over