3ivx has been released

I just posted the article 3ivx has been released….

Submitted by: Alberto
Source: http://www.3ivx.com

The follow up of DivX ;-), 3ivx has been released, more info on the page above !

Let me inform you about our new MPEG-4-based codec called…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1060-3ivx-has-been-released___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1060-3ivx-has-been-released___.html)

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According to the site for the Mac only???

Damn…just a little more longer…

Either that site is being pounded hard by thousands of people hitting it or else it’s down already because it’s not working for me.
I’m guessing it’s the first one and a lot of people are just looking at it.

If anyone gets into the site, could you mirror it pleaseee

Are the system requirments higher ?


Anyone know where to get movies for the player?

I thought that Project mayo aka DivX Deux was the follow up to DivX and not 3ivx, in fact i have never heard of 3ivx before !

You’re right, Project Mayo is the heir to DivX ;-). 3ivx is a (at least until now) pretty crappy codec developed by the guys who ported DivX to the Mac, and because of that it is a Quicktime plugin

these are the current “nextgen divx” codecs :

Project Mayo, 3ivx, LoadVideo, Oyster, OpenCodex

Indeed chrassig, divx deux is the “official new one” but i dont believe the original team is working on it. The original makers of divx got quit scared of the divx impact, and they decided to stay quiet for a while, though that they give advice to the new programmers…

Thats what i heard…

i dunno what you are talking about … there is no team that createt divx … in fact the codec is the microsoft mpeg 4 codec hacked by a guy called gej … & this guy is working toghether with the guys at project mayo … thats it …