3HR hack quality like 2HR? 5005

Just placed an order for LITE-ON 5005 here in Australia so I hope there will be hacks for whatever serial number model I will be receiving.

My only querie is with the 3HR recording mode.
Does one get the same quality as in 2HR mode?

My previous cheapo-elbrando Tevion that died on me after 6 months had acceptable quality in 2HR mode compared to the 1HR, the difference in quality was in fast moving scenes and sometimes that also depended on media quality.
However sometimes it will do OK with the media that did the blotch before.

My comparason is concluded from recording the Simpsons episodes.
I notice in the begin of the series when Lisa gets her Sax and leaves the room.

Hope all that info didnt bore the sox off, its my only real world comparason and was not sure why the same media in the same quality mode will do the blotch on occasion and not on the other.

Anyways, is the 3HR mode like a 2HR on 5005?

I’ve been using two 5005’s for almost a year. I really don’t see any difference between the modes until I get to 6 hr which isn’t watchable. Things I record but don’t keep I record at 4 hour. Movies and other things I want to keep are at 2 hour or 3 hour. I see no difference.
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The Owners Manual on Page 33 list the following Bit Rates:
HQ(1Hr) 9.5Mbps @ 720x480
SP(2Hr) 5.1Mbps @ 720x480
EP(4Hr) 2.5Mbps @ 352x480
SLP(6Hr) 1.7Mbps @ 352x480

Nero Vision Express list the BIT RATE as follows:
LP(3Hr) 3.4Mbps @ 352x480

The same pic size just a little hight bit rate, not as good as SP & HQ because of the 720 vs. 352 in my opinion. Hope this helps!

thanks jjohn25, i hope to have the same experience…

had1, hi. thanks for the detailed information which gives a better insight into what im getting the diff modes. yes it helps a lot, thanks.

take care guys.

With a higher Bit Rate 2hr may be a little better with video that has a lot of fast motion

in my eyes, the 2-hr mode is NOTICEABLY better than the 3-hr, although the quality of the latter is still pretty good for casual viewing. i watch TV with a hauppauge pvr-150 under windows and already see a difference – if i use my 60" screen, a “blind” person would see the increase in artefacts :wink: . i would certainly not want to use the 3-hr mode for a high-quality transfer from DV tapes. apart from just my eyes, it’s logical that a reduction in resolution and bitrate (as had1 pointed out correctly) has to manifest itself somewhere:doh:

the 4- and 6-hr modes are obviously out of question to be used (yuck)…

hope this helps.


sure does Captain :wink: im stickin with two hour den.

sometimes i wish they would offer inbetween values like 2.5 hrs recording b/c some movies run around 2 hrs 15 min or so and are just a tad too long for the 2 hr recording mode.

if you are recording tv episodes on a weekly basis without supervising your recorder like i did with battlestar galactica, stargate sg-1, and stargate atlantis, which were broadcasted in a 3-hr block, the 3 hr recording option is certainly feasible. i only plan to keep the recordings in storage until the episodes are coming out on dvd… until then, the quality is sufficient for me to play them back for friends who have missed any of the series :bigsmile:


I agree 2hr defintely looks better than 3hr (3hr closer to 4hr as specs indicated), but actually I think VHS 2hr looks better than this 2hr! However this all viewed on 51 inch, so on smaller set probably tougher to tell…But gotta blalance the whole deal, and dvd in long run much better, storage, durablity, ect. I agree with Capt., some speeds like 1.5, 2.5 would have been nice.

where is the firm ware for this upgrade? thanks

I think the main difference in quality with the 2 Hr. vs 3 Hr. is: The 2 Hr. is 720 x 480 & the 3 Hr. is 352 x 480. Sure some higher bit rate also.

I got a question, I don’t yet have a high def TV, has anyone compared the 2 hour quality of movies copied vs. making a copy on computer using dvdshrink at normal compression say around 60%?

They’re not that different. Both are a bit soft on a hi def tv.

I just got my LiteOn5005 as a 2nd unit. I also have an ILO04. I did a test of recording in all the speeds. The 3 hour isn’t quite as good as the 2 hour, but it’s pretty close. And the 3 hour is a little better than the 4 hour though. The 6 hour isn’t even worth using. it’s terrible.

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