3hr Hack Lvw-5005 Usa

Hi All
Is There A Link For A 3hr Hack For The Usa Modal Lvw-5005 I Tried The One In The Other Posts And It Did Not Add The 3hr Mode

Mitch L. Thom. I think someone here may be able to help you, but you will probably need to give more details of your machine and Firmware. Such as Below.
Out of the box: LiteOn 5005a Manufactured Sept. 2004 Serial on back: 602440005187
Firmware: LNFA1090 Drive: G2B9
Internal Serial Number: 0104-1840-0090-G2B9 ( 103-010D )
U.S. Region 01 Came with LP 3 Hour Record Mode.
It seems I have read posts in this forum where some have done what you are trying to achieve.
Regards: Pop’s