3hr hack for LNFA1098.ES3

Can anyone point me to the 3 hr hack for firmware 1098 U.S. July 04 s/n

i have ultra edit if that helps anyone

go down the list to ‘ilo/ liteon smart firmware hacker’ thread.Read what people have experienced and you makes your decision from there!Although i’m in the uk it seems to be working for everybody.It does say not to use it on already hacked firmware though.
It was so easy i still cant believe it…

Holyroller,just checked that thread,somebody on there with Lnfa1098 es3 has used it and it worked.

You can download a copy of theLNFA1098.ES3 You can download a copy of the LNFA1098.ES3 FW that has 3HR, MV off and Region Free at this location - http://www.cgoodwin.com/downloads/LNFA1098.ES3

It’s running great on my US 5005 so far.

  • Chris

hi ckgoodwin i’m looking for the 3hr hack for the usa 5005 that link you posted did not open


People do want to help you, but you need to be more specific about your liteon 5005 version (there are many) and do more reading:

Try right click on the link above and then choose save link as:

Make sure your 5005 is the right model by looking at your own 5005 setup menu and look at the onscreen serial number and check with the official liteon site first:


I have a USA LVW-5005A made in Nov 2004 with firmware LNFA1094. The Liteon website tells me the upgrade fw is LNFA1098.ESU. Can anybody tell me what the new fw offers over the LNFA1094 already in the machine? Also, where / how can I obtain a backup copy of the 1094 fw just in case I don’t like the upgrade or it aborts? Thanks.

that link didnt open for me either

didnt open for me

Not sure why some people can’t download that file, perhaps you are behind some firewall or proxy server, but here is another copy:

copy of the LNFA1098.ES3 FW that has 3HR, MV off and Region Free
Here is a link for your reference:


Should last about a week starting 2/10/2005 7:45PM Eastern

There is also a drive update (for the DVD burner itself) on the LiteON site. Together they just make the DVD-VR (native recording mode) more compatible with more DVD players and generally more stable firmware.

You should burn to CDR (more reliable than CDRW?) and don’t change the file name. After this first update, do the second (DVD burner update). You can’t go back to an earlier firmware but you should be able to repeat the upgrade with the same version (hacked or unhacked) firmware.

Go to my ILO Firmware Page and you will find the link to the Smart Firmware Hacker program. Use it only on non hacked firmware. It will disable Macrovision, set region free and add LP 3-hour mode for recorders that don’t already have it.

thanks guys i will definately try this new link. all the best to you all.

is that ILO link for the 5005

Holyroller, yes it is also for the 5005.When you go to the ilo page,click inside
the turqouisey box.

If anyone is still interested in the hacked LNFA1098.ES3 FW I posted above, try the URL without the filename like this: (http://www.cgoodwin.com/downloads/) and then Right-Click> Save As on the “LNFA1098.ES3” in that directory and save the file wherever you like on your machine. A regular click makes your browser try and open it which won’t work since XX.ES3 files are not handled. Hope that helps…

  • Chris

Re the 3hr hack, does this add an extra recording option or replace one? My 5005A (and, I guess, most everyone else’s) has HQ-1hr, SP-2hr, EP-4hr, and SLP-6hr. Does the hack give you 5 “speeds” or do you lose one?


It simply adds an extra one - why it is not enabled in all releases is a mystery.

Re 3 hour mode and other 1098 firmware enhancement:

I think the 3 hr mode is just an oversight by LiteON because from what I noticed, the recording quality difference between the EP 4 hr mode and the 3 hour mode is negligible.

This was posted by pj4900 over at CDFreaks.com:

I emailed liteon tech support and they sent the following regarding the 1098 firmware:

1 Introduction
This document contains the release notes for LITE-ON LVW-5001/5002/5005/5006 firmware Build 98 Patch 3. In this document, recently added, changed, and removed features of LVW-5001/5002/5005/5006 are described.

2 New Feature and Enhancements

  • Decrease Tuner volume.

  • Enhance Macrovision detection to avoid mistaken.

  • Enhance record compatibility for other player.

  • Enable column2 wrap-around feature for channel editor.

  • Add GCN mapping for Italy.

  • Support recording on 8-cm blank DVD discs.

  • Enhance record compatibility for other player.

3 Known Bugs and Issues with Release
4 Bug Fixes since Last Release (Build 91)
This section will list all bugs that are in the resolved or closed state and that have changed status since the last release. Bugs may appear here over several releases for many reasons. They could have been moved from the resolved to closed state since the last release. They could have been reopened and moved back to either the closed or resolved state since the last release.

  • Bilingual Setting in Timer Record UI will not show the correct settings.

  • Bilingual audio problem during recording.

  • OSD shows invalid if press Eject while screen saver is on.

  • Auto fast format blank DVD-RW in EasyGuider.

  • Format blank CD to audio disc in EasyGuider.

  • Incorrect maximum time for CD recording.

  • NICAM Main/Sub setting not affected by default.

  • Fix resume playback problem for some special scenes.

  • Turn on OSD when OTR with display is turned off.

  • Fix bug that DOWN key will be handled as shuffle repeat.

  • Fix compatibility problem for 1 title recording.

  • OSD shows “Invalid” then “PLAY” after searching a invalid DVD title at logo view.

  • Fix audio broken problem for CDDA playback.

  • Fix the problem that no audio output when play LPCM contents through digital audio out.

  • Update timer record status when start/stop time is changed.

  • Support AC3 audio recording for LVW-5002/5006.

  • TOP MENU and MENU keys should not be allowed for VCD/SVCD.

  • Handle Macrovision detection when record pause.

  • Fix some problems about A-B Repeat.

  • Fix problem for special VCD playback.

5 Important Notice for Updating Firmware

  • It is very important to wait for tray out while upgrading. In the current update progress, system will tray out no matter update fails or succeeds.


I did not get an explanation for the drive update but it probably has to do with media compatibility.

I would like to get a copy of this fie.
Can anyone send me a copy please.

Thank you