.3gp to .avi

You saved my bacon once before, I’m hoping you’ll pull through for me again…

I’m using 3gpToRawAvi (http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/downloads/3gpToRawAvi.zip)…
…and was able convert a .3gp to a raw avi.

The problem is the raw .avi crashes VideoStudio.

The .avi plays ok in Media Player, but QuickTime player shows no image (audio only).

Do you know what I can try now?

Have you tried opening with VirtualDub?

cheers, nice 1.
Loaded it in VirtualDub then saved it…that did the trick.

You don’t by any chance know of a free software with a gui which will convert 3gp to avi reliably?

I do indeed.
Has a nice GUI, allways worked for me. I may be the case that the files still wont play normally, in this case you will have to just open and save with VirtualDub (I suspect the program is using a bad AVI container). Regardless, having the GUI will still save you some time.
Good luck!

What a star.

Glad to here it worked for you :slight_smile:

I can’t open any 3gp file with VirtualDub. What do I have to install so that VirtualDub will be able to open a 3gp file?


[QUOTE=shill;1068972]cheers, nice 1.
Loaded it in VirtualDub then saved it…that did the trick.[/QUOTE]

My 3gp won’t open in virtualdub, & the windows movie maker thing that came w/ this machine is completely useless…ayudame?

Try WinFF or XMediaRecode to convert 3gp to avi. Both are front ends for ffmpeg.

Try Xilisoft Video Converter.

[QUOTE=Dodol99;2675206]Try Xilisoft Video Converter.[/QUOTE]
Not on a bet.

Notoriously unreliable software and equally notorious spammers. We’ve had hundreds of spammy posts from them in the past, so they are persona non grata around here.