3gp support?



Keeping it short: I’d like CloneDVD mobile to support 3gp format, so I could easily make movies that I can carry with my mobile phone.


is this for whole movies, or for movie clips ?

how much memory does your phone have, just out of curiosity.


For the whole movie mainly :iagree:

I have 512 megabyte MMC card where I can fit quite everything I want to :wink:

full lenght movie if I want it to be good quality (as of quality one can get with mobile phone) movie takes about 100 megabytes of space, 50 is still watchable, but not that much enjoyable…


CloneDVD mobile already has 3gp support. There are several 3gp profiles listed.


i’ve also a 512mb on memory on my phone, but i didn’t think a whole movie would be able to go on it.


Depends on the settings.


Oh, I am (pretty) sure the first one didn’t have that support as I tried, but that doesn’t matter, cool!

As said earlier… Movie with good quality takes about 100 megabytes or so… You know it’s still only 176 x 208 pixels, so it won’t take as much space as would television resolution, not even close :wink:


I have the Motorola V710 Phone and I had 3 Converted DVD’s on my phone’s 512mb Trans Flash card before. Pretty cool watching DOOM & other movies at work on my phone. LOL