3DTV glasses brand incompatibility problem solved, there's just one catch



The incompatibility of 3D glasses between TV brands is seen as a significant stumbling block in the take-up of domestic 3D. Not being able to take your own 3D Specs around to watch sports or a movie with a friend who has a different brand of 3DTV makes little sense to anyone.

Despite the standards for Full HD 3D being rigorously defined and agreed during 2009, seemingly everyone forgot to mandate a uniform standard for Active Shutter glasses. Helpfully, though, HCC has discovered a workaround. While Samsung and Panasonic glasses are officially incompatible with each other, we’ve discovered that if you wear one pair upside down they will work with the rival brand’s set. I successfully enjoyed 3DTV on a Panasonic model with upside-down Samsung glasses, and vice versa. Admittedly it wasn’t a very comfortable experience, and you do look stupider than normal trying it, but heck, this is what we’ve all been reduced to…

Samsung R&D chief Simon Lee confirmed the bizarre fact, explaining that the implementation of polarising lenses in the eyewear has been reversed by the two brands. There may be a more sensible solution pending, though. ‘I think that it’s likely that the different manufacturers will come together, possibly as early as next year, to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses,’ he said.

Link: http://hcc.techradar.com/blogs/team-hcc/3d-tv-glasses-incompatibility-problem-solved-theres-just-one-catch-30-04-10