3DMark scores

For the shear hell of it I downloaded and ran 3DMark 01, 03 and 05 on my PC. My PC is aging quite alot now but still works. Heres my scores:

3DMark01 SE - 12348 Points :clap:

3DMark03 - 4978 Points :disagree:

3DMark05 - 1048 Points :sad:

My PC specs are in my sig. :wink:

Anyone eles willing to show off there PC?


Failed to run PCMark03 successfully. I actually tried last night. Just ask Airhead.

Yep he did, once the install finished, three months after he started it.

My system is getting a new 64bit cpu and shiny memory soon, so this is also a bit low at the moment


Lets throw in a PCMark05 while we’re at it

This way I can click these links when I get my new proc and save valuable clicking on the futuremark site.

Pretty nice score for a somewhat older CPU. I don’t get those scores with a Athlon 64 3200+ @ 3500+ and a Radeon 9700.

Yes I am almost slightly impressed an Palomino can do that. Actually it can do lots of things, you can boil stuff on it too… 180nm and 1.79 volts = heat :smiley:

I downloaded 3DMark at least 20-30 times but never successfully ran on any of my PC.