3D TVs coming to a home near you



I just posted the article 3D TVs coming to a home near you.

Even though 3D technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the past five years, there has been very little real-world implementation of 3D technology for home consumers. Movie studios have…

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And here begins a New Format War. Everybody will not be in the same Camp. Now we have to invest in a nice big 3D-TV that can end up being a nice 2D TV when that Camp gets upturned.

Perhaps this time they can all learn from past mistakes of Division and Lost and all present a United front. One would think it would make sense to have one 3D format for home entertainment.

Is Greed really eternal?


I’m not convinced of the technology…yet. I simply am not ready to believe that proper standards will be enacted, let alone enough TV makers will be on board.

I’m willing to wait a couple more years then see what happens