3D TV not so hot in Europe



I just posted the article 3D TV not so hot in Europe.

The story on 3D TV adoption in Europe is the same as it is elsewhere: Slow.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/3d-tv-not-so-hot-in-europe-31053/](http://www.myce.com/news/3d-tv-not-so-hot-in-europe-31053/)

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I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I just don’t care about 3D TV. Avatar was ‘okay’ at the cinema, and the technology has improved obviously since the days of ‘red / green’ filtered glasses.

I think the manufacturers live on a different planet if they think this is ever going to be more than a very small niche market.

Considering the up-take of hi-def equipment isn’t great (although this will get better as the prices continue to drop), they must be kidding themselves if they think we are going to buy into this latest ‘fad’.


I’m sure a lot of people who finally invested in a large HDTV set for their living room are going to expect 10+ years out of it like their previous TVs and are not going to simply replace it just because the new ones now have 3D.

For those who have not invested in a HD television yet, well, it’s likely that they are still saving up and probably will not fork out even further just to get a 3D model.

Finally, who wants to keep wearing 3D glasses just to see the 3D effect?. Also, as a glasses wearer myself, does this mean I need to wear a second pair over my existing pair or do these things come in prescription like sunglasses? :stuck_out_tongue:


There are also standards issues — for instance,[B] one television’s 3D glasses do not work with another,[/B] and they’re expensive to boot.

Hollywood studios and 3D device manufacturers are making matters worse, [B]locking away 3D content in exclusive hardware bundles[/B].

Manufacturers haven’t really learned anything from the old wars (Beta VS VHS for example) and now they are doing the same thing once again, and i can only guess that behind the idea of 3d tv is to get a new tv.
Thanks but i wont do that, very happy with the way my tv is currently working and no plans to change it in the near future, plus as Sean said, i will have to wear a second pair of classes? I can only take 3d on tv as a bad joke at this point.


don so hot in my home either and he does not care either.