3D Screen Savers

I am looking for cool 3D screen savers, does any one know where I can find it ? Full version or shareware.



Heh, I got an Final Fantasy 9 Screensaver with the orginal melody and kewl pics :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me if u are interessed…


Off course I am interessting !!!
You can send me thru my email if is less than 2MB


Sorry mate it’s almost 6 mb :cool: just pm me with your personal email and i’ll send it :slight_smile:

hé man I intressed plz send to me



What’s wrong with your search engine? :wink:

If someone has cool 3D ScreenSaver, I can exchange for the ones I have it !

  • Codex 3.0
  • Matrix 1.2
  • Sachs Marine Aquarium v0.99L
  • 2000th FireStorm Screen Saver V2.0
  • AquaSupreme v2.8

Just e-mail if someone wants to trade, THX…