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The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) will soon announce their plans for future support of 3 Dimensional home entertainment technology. The BDA has been driven to take action due to Hollywood studios,…

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38 DD in 3D? Bring it on!! :stuck_out_tongue:


They are getting desparate now. Who in the hell has indicated a desire for 3D on the CONSUMER side? This is ridiculous. These folks are grasping at straws. The tech will not take off until it can compete with the price of DVD. You can add all the bells and whistles you want and not enough people will bite due to the cost. This 3D proposal, will only add to the problem, not extinguish it.

If Bluray does not get its act together in the next 24 months, I think the format will fail.


LOL…Crabby maybe right but I think it will take longer than 24 months.


I dont know about you, but where i come from we dont want giant sharks coming out from our televisions, scaring the kids n all.


By thge time this tech gets into the market Blu-ray may be dead due to a better technology having come along…


Blu-ray is going nowhere fast despite what those bullshit “consultants” predict. DVD is still damn popular and will remain that way for years to come. Consider that even after 10+ years on the market, DVD still has thousands of titles yet to see the light of day.


Hey everyone

Anyone see Beowulf in 3D when it was playing ? The movie was pretty good but the 3D was fantastic and made it well worth the price of admission.
3D is the future of movies. A couple of years ago filmakers Lucas, Zemekis, Rodriguez and Cameron held a 3D seminar to show off the technology that they and the industy are pushin hard moving forward. They can apply this process to existing movies, and filming new movies with this technolgy is even better. They use ultra high frame rates and resoultion. Cameron’s Avatar will be the 1st to showcase the new technology filmed with the new cameras etc… and it will set groundbreaking new standards. Soon you will also see re-released 3D versions of all the Start Wars, LOTR and several others movies. Most Pixar movies in the next 6 years will be 3D as well.
It was told that this 3D technology will make its way into the home by ~ 2015 or so. Samsung already makes a 3D DLP TV that works with a special set top box and goggles.
Blu Ray will obviously be the medium to carry 3D movies. 3D is a “HD happy” technology and you will not see this on DVD.
You guys who think DVD will not go the way of VHS some day need a reality check. Technology evolves and consumers along with it. HD is the future and even the present, soon you will not be able to buy a TV that cannot display HD. Everyone said similar things against DVD when players were $400.
High Definition is a standard whose broadcast stardard formats will not change for decades. 720p, 1080i, 1080p will be the standard broadcast display formats for a long time. Frame rates may change and 3D can be supported but the industry cannot change from ATSC to some new format anytme soon. It took over 40 years for NTSC (SD TV) to finally be replaced by HD and it costs SOOOO much money (you have no idea) for the broadcasters providers to upgrade equipment etc… Its an industry wide change and will not happen again for a long time.
So if you think the movie industry and player manufacturers are going to dump BR for some new format, it will not happen for a while. It will take a change in HD broadcast format to a next generation of resolution and framerates and that is a long way away.
Even if a a new NON-broadcast resolution is supported for movies only, lets say 3840 x 2160 for example. Why come up with some new optical format to support that when the existing BR storage could handle it ?


By ivid, Saturday 23 August 2008 21:00
Hey everyone

“Anyone see Beowulf in 3D when it was playing ?”

Nope but here is a reviewer at IMDB who did- and it looks like he thought it was annoying…

“The second is the 3D projection. For reasons best known to studio executives we’re all meant to get very excited by 3D all over again. Beowulf is one of the first movies to be released in the UK using REALD - a system familiar to anyone who has been to a Disney park in the last 20 years. The animators of Beowulf clearly had great fun working out new ways of making things jump out of the screen at the audience, but the effect becomes slightly wearisome after a minute or two. Fortunately things settle down later in the movie and the makers stop trying to show off their new technology”

3D is a novelty and that is it. It will never become mainstream in a home or even the theater. The only thing that would ever take off, that is 3d would be a holodeck type experience, where you could actually be in the movie…be able to walk around in the environment like they do on Star trek - now that would sell.


“3D is a novelty and that is it.”

The same was said when the first talkies was shown. Color in the movies was another fad that would never catch on. And radio proponents were certain that nobody wanted a TV at home. After all it was just a flashy technology demonstration with no content or target market…


Hey Crabby
Your gonna take some anonymous fool’s opinion over a fellow CD Freak ? :slight_smile:
Beowulf was heralded and acclaimed for NOT being the type of 3D that just jumps out of the screen. It totally immersed you into the film and it was a fantastic experience. I would have seen it several time if I could have. It was soooo well done and everyone I know who saw it in 3D was very impressed.
Anyone who likes visual effects will love this.
3D was a novelty when it didn’t work well and you had to wear big distracting glasses. The modern 3D goggles are like lightweight sunglasses (to me anyway) and you forget you’re wearing them. And the new digital projectors that project at something like 144 FPS for ultra clear 3D.
With those 4 visionary and influential filmmakers driving this technology, and the dire need for cinema experience to evolve to another level beyond what is capable in the home today , expect it to be more than a novelty.
Finally, you really had to see Angelina Jolie naked in 3D. Really.


Hi everybody!

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