3D network coming from Discovery, IMAX, Sony

I just posted the article 3D network coming from Discovery, IMAX, Sony.

Three powerhouses in consumer electronics and entertainment will build a television network dedicated entirely to 3D programming.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/3d-network-coming-from-discovery-imax-sony-24481/](http://www.myce.com/news/3d-network-coming-from-discovery-imax-sony-24481/)

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three D has been coming and coming and coming since I was little (63 now) and still it never gets very far.

There have been small advances over the years, but this year is going to be huge for 3D technology. Blu-ray 3D specs were finalized, multiple manufacturers are creating 3DTV’s, Hollywood studios are creating a record number of 3D films and 3D TV networks are going to launch. There has never been this much 3D tech/content available before.

3D is cool… but i never found it that great. I have a feeling that there may be some kinks/lawsuits over this one. With people saying it caused accidents etc. Just like the Mc coffee lawsuit it may seem dumb but granted i could see it happneing and putting restrictions on 3D.

But the biggest thing is going to be the fact that i think there pushing this in the wrong time. No one has the money to go buy a 3D system and pay for 3D tv/movies will probably be very expansive. Unless the economy comes back by 12.

As you can see i don’t believe it is going to come through very strong for another 10 years… but hey never know i guess

Some reason I still do not believe the hype of 3d. I saw Avatar and i still don’t believe in it. 3d might never take off. It might always be a niche market. People just bought hdtv. Who know how long it will take them to go 3dhdtv, if ever?

Btw, anybody else got a headache watching Avatar?