3D market: Onslaught on Nvidia **Updated**



I just posted the article 3D market: Onslaught on Nvidia Updated.

In these days, the 3D market is seriosly to explode. Here is a little coverup of these days news:


In a few months a renovated KYRO II known as STG4800 is due to arrive. The new chip…

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Why are more people against NVIDIA ? Is it their high prices ? Well I think the other cards will be at these high ridculous prices too ? What we need are prices to go down. I’m still with NVIDIA, since the beginning Riva 1 had always been the fastest performer of its time.


I think nVidia kicked add to 3DFX and deserves the place where it is (market leaders), it’s although good to see that someone wants to takes the challange and develep new/better cards. That is only at our advantage.


Nvidia rox :slight_smile:


What about, we all start mailing Nvidia, telling them, that their prices are to high?? If they get enough mails, perhaps they will lower the prices!


YEAH, that worked with all the other companies with ridiculus prices… Microsoft…Adobe… Nvidia SUCKS NUTS, and all you NVIDIA WHORES hide from the inevetible… When you become the ONLY supplier of DAMN GOOD CARDS, you set your own price (AHEM… like Intels 700$ USD Debut Processors, now with AMD out there, Intel latest release was a smidgen UNDER 400 USD) When there is competition you get stuff thats better, faster and CHEAPER. I want NVIDIA to have compitition it would be good for the market.


People are never happy. Once a product shines over several others, prices aren’t very reasonable and then you have people bitch about the price and spit out another type of product. Geez, if your too cheap to buy a quality product I say stick with your 486 and that 2mb video card and suck your thumb


NVIDIA still rulez, but a litte competition would be nice to let them lower the price…


Well, nVidia might be doing some fast kit, but do you really need a faster card ??? Why does anyone need to play games at 200fps ?? I’d like to see some quality graphics now when we’ve reached resonable speeds… or am I mad ?? Just look how long it took nVidia to implement EMBM… like the Kyro and Matrox G400 had it… ATi is trying hard to bring out some better looking graphics. I rather have realistic looking games at 50fps then crap looking games at 200fps… :4 I hope the Kyro III will be a kick ass product and same thing with the Radeon 2 or whatever it’ll be know as… The GeForce 3 has good image quality, but I don’t have £300+ to spend on a new graphics card every 6 months… some of you might on the other hand… later :7


Nvidia needs some competition, they have good graphic chips there’s no doubt, (i own a creative Geforce 2 Mx and before i had a Voodoo 3 3000)but if Nvidia Stands in the market with the only good graphic Board… Well just remember Microsoft in the O.S. and INTEL in the processors (Hail to AMD), monopolist acts were never good :frowning:


Well, I don’t like nVidia because their Linux drivers are closed source, that is the main reason for me to not buy nVidia cards anymore :slight_smile: