3d HD PC TV?

I’m looking at an xga screen and getting the new HUE HD webcams, or maybe logitech’s. Trouble is I want to multiplex 2 of them to get side-by-side or anaglyph live streamed video feedback and the only proggies out there that I see max out on vga. Help anyone? (720p):a

Hi all, I’m using an xga display and want to get two HUE or Logitech HD webcams for doing live 3-d video feedback. Trouble is, most software seems to max out at 640 x 480. I suppose writing anaglyph compositors shouldnt be too hard, but I thought Id find out if theres any available software for getting anaglyph or side-by-side video streams live from the two cams. Thanks.

Have you trid HeavyMath Cam 3D and Cam In Style?


No. No mention of HD webcam compatibility, and I’m trying to see if getting the package is worth it. I KNOW I can do vga, that’s not a prob. I might have to write my own.