3D BD backup as full disk not OK?

I tried to use DvFad 8 (last update) to make a backup of a 3D blu-ray. Everything worked fine (I used the full disk copy feature), even for then burning my BD RE 50Go. The Pb is that no 3D BD player can read it… Isn’t it possible to do a full copy like with other BD ? Which means we have to use the brand new feature called “BD 3D ripper” and convert the whole thing ?

No you do not need to use the 3D ripper. You can give Full Disc another try but this time save it as an iso image as that the only way for it to work. If Full Disc to iso does not work then you will have to use Clone to iso to clone the 3D Blu-ray.

I’ll make another trie and let you know. Thanks a lot