3cd game on 1 DVD?

Any way I can copy splinter cell on a DVD? or some other 3-4 cd game?
I want this so I dont have to keep changing cds when I’m installing or playing?

thanks :smiley:

WEll, it depends on many things. If your copy of splinter cell is copy protection than it will not be possible to write it on DVD. Also if it comes to other games. Depends on how they treat each cd informaion. If they look for the files then it would be ok- you could make on the dvd directories : disc1,disc2,disc3,disc4 and place the CD according to those. Ahhh… you could make images of 4 of those CD and copy them all into the DVD. Make 4 virtual drives and mount all of the images to each drive :slight_smile: that would be a good solution :smiley: And would probably work fine :iagree: