398th comic - The new Blindwrite cat?

Heya everybody,

so we are soon approaching comic number 400… lots of comics in lots of years… but somehow I still loose my motivation to continue. Perhaps due to the fact, that there is really no new Blindwrite version on the horizon. I think the software is dead. I’ll give the Blindwrite team some more months to publish a new software… but if they won’t I’ll sure finish my comics work.

So here we go today:

Have a nice week!


Alex we will miss you dearly man. Use your pull to get them to put out a new BW version please.

Hey Bob… I will not stop the comic business immediately. But I said it a long time before… WE NEED A NEW BLINDWRITE VERSION … it just makes no sense in publishing Blindwrite comics without a Blindwrite software.

And I don’t think the Blindwrite team will listen to me. They even didn’t implement my SCSI CD writer in the latest version…

yeah Alex i understand. But i like your comics here too.

Great comic Alex!

LOL, your question about your SCSI writer is probably older than me. :bigsmile: :wink: