39 VTS with 241,057,122KB total

I’m trying to backup a DVD in DVD Decrypter… I’ve done a couple in ISO mode with no problems… until this one.

I wanted to go into file mode, so I could use VobBlanker. It comes up showing 39 different VTS… starting from VTS_08, they seem to be the same thing over and over… all copies of the same VOB files which are the main movie files (as selected in the first VTS by DVD Decrypter.

My question: Why are there so many “copies”? If I select them all, it says 241GB worth of info, when we all know it’s ~8.5. Will I miss anything if I just copy the first 7 VTS?

I’m trying to get an exact copy of the DVD, and then take out the VOBs I don’t want with VobBlanker.

Also, when looking in windows explorer… it says the total size is 40.0GB and free space is 0 bytes.

Not sure if this helps.

Rip your DVD with DVDFab HD Decrypter.

I’ll answer your question if you can answer mine. I’m thinking of a color. What is it? Sorry. I’m not Psychic either. More info would help, like the name of the movie, what region, any other software you’ve tried, have you used the forum ‘Search’…etc…?

Hmm… can’t quite get the angle of your prob.

Your 39 VTS is quite normal phenomenon in DVD protection.
They will mess up copy program so disc looks like it is too large.
If you try to rip with RipIt4Me it will take most of them out.
Also FixVTS may help.
In any case you can take all copies out, but you will have to change navigation since copy protection was discarded by your ripper already.
Copies are not really copy. It just use common cell of main PGC’s.