$39.99 510 disc case back at Meritline

The silver 510 disc mega cases that were popular around here a few months ago are back on sale at Meritline for $39.99 with free shipping.


So everyone still recommends this case? How is it after a few months?

I’m thinking to buy and move my hundreds dvds from spindles to this case because it was hard to find movies from spindles. However a friend just advise me to rearrange my movies and label the spindles A, B, C etc for faster searching…

This case is alot easier to use neighbor, I mean, zevia. I’m very pleased with mine. Since I’m sure this question about what the sleves are like will come up again, here. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

They’re not like the quality of an Anvil case, but not many would need something like that anyway. (I still may build something of that quality and strength, but more than likely, I’ll use these and just be nice to them.)



Just got my two cases delivered today. They are really great units for the price - plus shipping was free !!!

Hey joe were you from? I used to live in webster but just moved to Floridia last week.

I dont think keeping you dvds in a spindle is a good idea at all first your going to be stratching them no matter how hard you try not to. And after you watch a movie the next one you put on top of it will collect all the dust/fingerprints. I only keep mine in full size dvd cases…