$385.04 shipped Q6700 @ PC Connection

Most retailers price point for the Q6700 is much higher.
Not much of a bargain as most places have the Q6600 around $300.00.


No CA sales tax
Taxes collected for sales shipped to the State(s) of Alabama, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.


:iagree: :iagree:

I have a PC Connection about 2 blocks from my house in NJ and they have to order them, none in stock.

Its $650

I see it is back up to $650.00
My Q6700 is shipping from Ohio as per my last email update from PC Connection.
Credit card charged $385.04.

I was just informed a friend’s multiple units order limited to one, due to a pricing error.
I didn’t even consider the possibility of being a price error as these Intel prices are all over the place.

keep us all up to date as soon as you see this stuff, been ready to bite the bullet on a Q6600 for a while(since the price drops) but if something bigger is about the same prine then of corse i’ll get that instead. rty to scout all the avrage places but all you outthere seem to find better deals. keep posting & eventually i get a new processer!!
thanks to all!!

you dont save that much comparing to Q6600. when overclocking, both run relatively same speed

I’ve always found it strange that Intel’s prices are 266/530$ for Q6600/Q6700 respectively , twice the price for 220 Mhz !!! :Z