37 OS's on one PC!

Here is an interesting link.

Apparently there are 37 os on system. That must have took some major work.

Here is the link


Wasn’t this already posted somewhere on the forum ?:confused:

Yup. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55874

Hehe LOL this is nice… I once installed eight… only took me loads of harddrive space so I deleted them again and went back to a simple Windows Linux combi :wink:

He’s done well but geez it would of been a bit of money to invest on the hard drives.
Anyhow Hat off to him :slight_smile:

They could have been small drives. It doesn’t say their capacity, and 4 are 5400 maxtors which could easily be smaller older hard drives. And doing minimal installs many modern OSes only take 300mb or so (Older ones like his DOSes would take up significantly less).

Ok if I posted it again, I didnt realize that it was on here already