37 OSes in one computer!

Just thought it was interesting, an 18 year old managed to get 37 OSes all installed onto 1 computer


Wow but you gotta be pretty bored to be wanting to get a world record outta that. I use WinXP/2K and Mandrake Linux on my PCs, plus some other Linux distributions, and they cause enough problems for me. To be able to get 37, especially Windows 1.0.1, to work on a relatively recent machine is amazing.

I gotta say congrads to the guy but he gotta have better ways to get bragging rights. :slight_smile:

I think, you could put as many on one comp as you liked, with the help of good old vmware, I once had windows 2k inside windows 2k inside windows 2k inside windows 98 inside 2k

now all you would need is a very larg HD to do it for 37