I was burning a DVD and got this error

I looked around and couldn’t really find out ‘what’ it means, i’ve been trying to find if i need new firmware(i have 105C — came with dell). Any help would be appreciated.


It means your IDE cable is crap. The top hit in Google™ points to a CDFreaks thread that say as much. http://www.google.com/search?q=LOGICAL+UNIT+COMMUNICATION+CRC+ERROR

You need to use a flat 80 conductor IDE cable, if you have one already try another one. The master drive should be at the far end of the cable.

Brother Vlad


So i got a bad cable with my computer? eh… well, the first flaw in that is that its SATA…


got the same drive with my 9200/try another SATA channel and check the back of the drive for connections. If you don’t have a spare cable you need to pick one up online. They are dirt cheap at the right places. Keep us posted and call Dell if it persists. They have excellent service/