360 plays DVD menu, but no video

When inserted into my non-modded xbox 360, my burned DVDs show the menu, but then when I click on when of the menu items to play, I get the xbox 360 logo.

I’ve converted the media to VOB files, then burned using Xilisoft DVD Creator 6. 16:9 aspect ratio. Pan and scan.

NeroInfo verfies that my DVD is region 1. Video format is NTSC 16:9 720x480. Mpeg 2.

I’ve tried both DVD-R and DVD+R. Both single layer.

I’ve tried looking up various compatibility charts for 360 but nothing has been helpful. I assume something is off with my video encoding . . but I’m sick of creating coasters. Any help is appreciated.

I assume your Xbox 360 is also NTSC?
Does it work on someone’s standalone dvd player?

I couldn’t find anything about this issue on the Xilisoft website. If you are a registered user of the software, perhaps it’s best to contact their support team about this issue.