360 Mods

so im starting to see xbox 360 semi-softmods appearing in the “usual places” (the “semi-softmod” being that you have to crack open the case and switch some of the cables on the HD-DVD drive so it is set for “test mode”) then use the software package provided to finish it off.

my question is… does it really work? or is it only useful for the hitachi HD-DVD drives.

I havent been able to get alot of info on this yet, so PLEASE someone answer me thoroughly!:iagree:

HD-DVD drive ??? What’s that ? But never mind, it works, you have to reflash the DVD-ROM drive firmware with a hacked one and that’s it.

regards, Stephen

Works with Samsung/Hitachi drives and does not work with Philips drives anyway.

not sure if im in right place for this question but can you use the pioneer 110 to burn 360 games

Of course, Pioneer drives seem to be the best for Xbox360, especially when one uses quality (Verbatim) media.

regards, Stephen


HD-DVD…your kidding right? i guess your a fan of blu-ray, huh? well, i think most everyone here on CD Freaks is. anyway though, thanx for the info. that helped a lot, BUT the other questions are this: what app can you use to backup the original disc, AND will a Plextor 712UF be able to successfully burn 360 games?
and finally… if you reflash the firmware of you 360’s drive, what’s the workaround so you can use xbox live… just buy another 360 as well or what?

Of course I know what a HD-DVD drive is… I meant that the Xbox has a simple DVD drive, and NOT any HD-DVD drive or so… (anyway, I am not a fanboy of BluRay or HD-DVD, if there is one person here on this site who hates $ony and their products then that is me…)

To backup you have to use Isobuster and a special fw to set the drive into ModeB. (it deppends on your Xbox drive version how to do it) Then you can grab the image, then with some special commands you can get the security sector, that you have to insert into the grabbed game image. Then you can burn the game with CloneCd or Imageburn (with this latter you have to set the layerbreak manually) Of course as you have to use dual layer media, your 712 will not be able to burn these backups, you better get a Pioneer drive to make perfect backups, NEC drives tend to fail burning a correct image…

Xbox live still can be used with a hacked firmware at this time. In the future M$ will probably patch this and one either should get a mod with a switch or get another X360. Anyway, there is a modchip that patches the drive firmware on the fly, so if you insert an original then the chip is deactivated, and Live services cannot detect it. But you can always restore your original fw aswell, if needed for Live…

regards, Stephen