360 copying

i have had my xbox 360 flashed, so i can play copied games…

however i thought it would be easy to copy, so i brought some blank dual layer dvds, i insert the original game in my comp and use dvd decrypter, but in like 3 seconds its decrypted, which i know is wrong as movies take a few mins…

can anyone help me out with the whole process


Console games are no VideoDVDs…

Check out the fabulous Search function.

what fabulous search function?

CDFREAKS Search and Google :slight_smile:

You can always start here in the CD Freaks ‘Console’ forum:


…part of ‘DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment’ section. :slight_smile:

cheers for your help guys

Here’s another link for you: http://www.xbox-scene.com/

have you connected to xbox live since you flashed your console?

microsoft has been banning consoles with unapproved firmware left and right…just wondering if you’ve tried to go live since then and if your live account is still active?