360 and PS2 backup options

I’ve searched through the forums and some of the information is a bit too technical for me to understand so I created this thread so that I can ask the questions I have and hopefully understand the answers I get in return.

My goal is to be able to backup my games for both my Xbox 360 and my PS2 and play them on the consoles while being able to enjoy Xbox Live use. I have been told that when you add a modchip to a console it changes the bios and you can no longer play on Xbox Live. Regardless if this is true I am looking for a method to play backed up games without having to open up my 360.

How do I accomplish this? What is softmodding? Can a mod chip be installed and still allow me to play on Xbox Live? If so, which one(s)?

Another train of thought is: how do I create copies of my games? I currently use DVD Region+CSS Free and Nero Recode for making back-ups of my DVD’s, but I also have DVD Decryptor and will acquire any software necessary.

I know these are very basic questions but I don’t know much and I would like to learn. Again, my goal is to be able to place a backed-up disc of my game into the console and it act as though it were my original copy. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks for all of your help!

You confuse Xbox1 with Xbox360. There is no softmodding on Xbox360, you either have to solder a chip into the DVD ROM or reflash its firmware. Xbox Live works fine with chipped/reflashed machines as THIS moment, but sooner or later M$ will take care for this, and the game will be over. So as you asked, without opening the Xbox360 you will not play backups… Ps2 has to be either chipped or used with some kind of boot disk to be able to play backups. Copying PS2 games is quite easy, DVDDecrypter has a read option that dumps the disk and a write option that will write the dumped image. You better use quality media and use a decent burner/normal writting speed then there will be no problems. Xbox 360 is much worse, you have to use Isobuster or WXripper to rip the content, then you have to extract the SS, DMI and PFI information (DVDInfoPro will do it) and inject these into the image. If all is done, you can burn the image with CloneCD or Imageburn, of course you have to use dual layer media.

regards, Stephen

OK, lets talk about that… how do you reflash the firmware? It involves opening up the 360? If I was to want to solder a chip onto my system, what chip would you reccommend? Does having a mod chip or reflashing firmware change the dashboard or game interface or anything like that? I have the Hitachi-LG drive on mine, I realize that makes a difference.

I don’t mind chipping my PS2 nearly as much because the online gameplay isn’t an issue. You can still play games online with a chiped PS2 right? I would prefer not to have to run a boot disc to play backed-up games if at all possible. So the same question goes, what mod chip would you recommend?

I have a NEC ND-3550A DVD burner and I will use any media I have to to make this work. I hear that Verbatim is the best.

Do PS2 games have to be on DL discs as well? How do I use the DVD Decryptor to dump the image files? Same question for the Xbox 360 games, how do I rip the content and extract the necessary information to create a back-up disc?

Please help me out, I’m trying to decide if this is what I want to do with my systems. Thanks so much.

Reflashing the xbox360 is cheaper and easier than buying and soldering a chip. You have to open the Xbox360, connect the dvd drive to your SATA port and reflash the firmware. More info on xbox-scene.com . No the chip/reflash does not make any change, except you can play backups. At this time as I said you can play online with a hacked Xbox360 aswell. Deciding on mod chips for PS2 deppends on your needs and how much you want to spend on it. Best chips are Matrix Infinity, DMS, Crystal, Ripper and so. If you do not want to spend that much on it, you can buy cheaper clones, like Modbo, Myth, iCE based chips and so on. For more info about chips visit ps2newz.net . Verbatim/TY/TDK media all work fine with a decent burner. Here on cdfreaks you can look for which media is the best. PS2 does not need DL media, the lasers usually cannot stand those, there are a few DL based games, but not that many, and most of them have so called DVD5 rips so you can use SL media. DVDDecrypter has an option >READ<, this will dump the disk onto your hard drive. About dumping X360 disks with Isobuster, you can find more info on xbox-scene site.

regards, Stephen

OK as far as PS2 back-ups go: I downloaded DVD Decrypter and ripped one of my games onto my HDD using ISO read function. Now I was going to use DVD Decrypter to burn it to a disc also, how do I do that? I changed it to ISO write function and burned the ISO file onto a DVD-R disc. When I ripped the game, it gave me an ISO file as well as a small MDS file, do I need to do anything with that MDS file?

Also, some places I have read that I need to change the book type to DVD-ROM, does that apply in this case? When does it apply? I have an NEC 3550A DVD drive, with DVD-R media, can it be changed to DVD-ROM booktype? On the tab to change it, it only has the option to change DVD+R media to DVD-ROM booktype, does that mean I need to get DVD+R media for making my back-ups?

Also, I haven’t chipped my PS2 yet. You said depending on what I need it to do makes a difference as to what chip I buy. What can the chips do besides allow my PS2 to play my backed-up games? I think all I need it to do is play backed-up games. Where do I go to purchase a modchip? What chip would you recommend for what I need? Does it matter if I have a slim PS2 or an older, “fat” PS2, because I have both, and I can mod whichever one is best? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!