36-Pack Ridisc Cartridge Combo Replaces Epson Stylus Photo

OK I need comments on this ink if anyone has used it.

Good or bad lets hear it. I am very scepticle that it’s any good but who knows.

$35.99 shippeed

Hot! 36-Pack Ridisc Cartridge Combo Replaces Epson Stylus Photo R200/R300/RX500/RX600 Printers Inkjet Cartridge: Six of Each T048120~T048620 [6/123-270 + 6/123-271 + 6/123-272 + 6/123-273 + 6/123-274 + 6/123-275]


These look interesting, and appear to fit the 220 as well. I also would be interested in feedback.

I found this review when I googled it, had trouble finding any others though. I guess its worth a try at $1 per cart

i have used these cartridges in the past and have had no problems with them, except that i cannot now find a outlet that stocks them. i would certainly rate them. :bigsmile: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Not to long ago there was a 24 pack special on here. I got those but have yet to use them.

yeah, I bought 4 of the 24 packs (2 of each) deal, $9.99 per 24 packs - 20% coupon. It came out to be $42 shipped for 96 ink cartdridges all together.

Well I went ahead and ordered mine, such a deal!

WOW!!! what a deal, thanks for the heads up, I just ordered the 36 pack special deal. I was sold after I read the reviews. If these inks perform as good as the OEM’s then I will surely be very happy.

the price of only 3 OEM cartridge inks are more than the deal above.

Epson can go to hell if they think we’re willing to pay that much for their ridiculously over priced inks.

well!! I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve had bad luck with generic inks for my Canon s820 before, but that was without reading any kind of review for it which it wasn’t any. We’ll see!!! I will let you guys posted in how it went.

These could turn into a real bargain if you get the $3 off trade in at Staples and Office Max.

Staples allow stackable ink cartdridge coupon, up to 10 stacking. But of course I am gonna squeeze out the ink via my newly acquired R320 epson. I am gonna be printing a lot of direct CD/DVD printing just to have empty ink cartdridge for redemption.

will staples except empty generic cartridges?

This is off subject but call or email epson about the new and improved CD / DVD printing tray, they will ship one out to you for free. :clap:

:flower: I will do that, thanks!

staples takes ANYTHING.

office depot also does $3 off with an ink cartridge, but I don’t think they’re as lenient although I’m not sure what their requirements are.

the chip on the epson ink makes the ink cartdridge look advance and thus most place will take it. Only canon ink cartdridge that OD staffs give me hard time since it is made of cheap plastic with a piece of cotton stuffed at the other end. But Staples staffs, they dont care, as long it is ink cartdridge, they will take it in with no questions asked.

if you shop at staples a lot even if you don’t have an epson printer, you’d be making money by buying this pack haha

@ MegaDETH Coud you tell us where you ran up on that info? I have 3 of the 220’s and all have the tray sticking and not going in or not coming out. That would be great to have one that worked consistently. TIA

Corvette gets credit for the tray information.

@Corvette Same question please and thanks for the response MegaDETH. P.S. I also bought the 36 pack. What a deal(I hope)

@Corvette Same question please and thanks for the response MegaDETH. P.S. I also bought the 36 pack. What a deal(I hope)

Actually a forum member here told me about it, he called Epson CS about his R220 I think his model was, having the same problem as you. CS said they having problems with the cheap thin CD/DVD tray that come with the printer and will send out the vastly new and improved one that will solve the issue in question. As for me and the R320 I went to their web site and filled a CS forum, their Email came back to me in min. from CS. They need your serial number and some other info. After they got my info. I was emailed back saying my part was on the way via FEDEX. That has to be the best CS I have ever had :slight_smile: all in all took @15min. for the new tray. :clap: