35mm Slides to VCD/SVCD/DVD

Any help out there before i start the archiving for real?

I bought a Prime Film 1800u to scan my photo slide collection.
It scans the photos at a resolution of 1800 x 1800 dpi.
These photos now reside on my hard drive. All 1350 of them.

Using Nero Vison 7 i burned a trial CD using the VCD format on HP cd-r 48x media.
I then took it downstairs and inserted it into my Toshiba DVD-Player to view on my 35"
Sony CRT TV.

It read the CD and the results were ‘ok’. Not ‘magnificent?’ like the projected 35mm slides
looked in a darkened room on a top of the line projector.

I could find nothing in the manual that stated that burning to VCD format automatically
used the highest possible viewing resolution. [which i read was 720x480??]

Is this also the highest resolution for SVCD and DVD, or for any media for that matter?

Also, will adding transition to a VCD force it to burn/display the photo at a lower resolution?

I guess the bottom line and what i am looking for is an answer similar to this.

“Hey doofus!”

“In order to get the highest quality slide show with the equipment/software in your possesion,
make your ‘slide show’ with Nero Vision 7 and burn them to a DVD.
This is as good as it gets.”

Thanks in advance
old man

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