35MM slides to HD quality DVD viewing

Project: Convert old 35MM slides to digital for burning to DVD to show on HD TV with as high a resolution as possible:

  1. Have an Epson Perfection V300 Photo digital scanner (5 slides at a time) up to 4,900 dpi resolution.
  2. 2004 Sony CD/DVD Player (Max 480i output
  3. New 46" Samsung HD TV (1080i)

Is my scanner adequate? Obvioulsy my CD/DVD Player is out dated. What would you recommend? What type (Brand and specs.) etc. of DVD disc would you recommend burning to? With my scanner, the right DVD disc and DVD Player, will I get HD quality viewing of my slides on my Samsung HD TV?

Many thanks. (If not, what equipment or proceedure am I missing?)

If I remember correctly, I did some extensive reading on scanning photos and slides a few years back. Seems that most studies showed that scanning at over 300dpi was a waste of time, and was not going to get you a better output.

Plus, I believe that most photo slide show softwares limit your actual image size to 640 x 480. Even if you use other software to convert that, you are just scaling your image and not improving it.

But somebody out here might know something that I don’t, so wait around and see if there are some better answers out there…

The outcome of the slides is going to be as good as the slides themselves. Unless you have them professonaly retouched, they wont look any better.