35mm slides to DVD Slideshow?

Hi, :rolleyes:
I came into a few dozen color slides from maybe 15 years ago. They are well preserved. Is there any way I could scan them, save them as a Jpg, edit, crop, then burn them to a DVD to view? I have an EPSON 2400 Perfection Scanner, I have tried to scan some slides, but nothing works.

is there any other software I will need to purchase? I know there are services available, but trying to save money to put in the old gas tank if you catch my drift. Thank you for any help. :bow:

Slide scanning takes some patience and good hardware. Most scanners require a special attachment for slides, and special setup. Once you have JPGs, any slide-show software will suffice.

I’ve got trays full of old family slides I’m gonna trasfer and I plan to use the projector and my digital camera in a darkened room.